I was talking with my editor the other day and I mentioned the number of reviews the ALICE series gets mentioning how they think it would make a great TV show. Now we all agree this is HBO or Netflix material and not mainstream but the combination of western 1800s mixed with aliens in space infers a more adult Firefly?

My editor suggested I post the question and see how many readers felt this way. Anyone else have a comment on this?

Impatient Author

OK, so for those of you both keeping track and waiting for Dragon’s Teeth, I have good news. I got all the formatting and proofing done early, so I am able to push the release 10 days, making June 20th the eBook and Print release date.

For you Audiobook fans, I am sorry but that is still set for June 30th as I don’t control that release.

Question for ALICE readers?

As I work through the story line for ALICE 5, I am having to pick and choose which characters from books 1-4 to focus on. I was thinking to ask you, the readers, which of these characters you wanted to see more of in this book?

I am also considering releasing free short stories on my website focusing on certain characters in the period between ALICE 4, Space War and ALICE 5, Alliance. There is a 10 year jump between the two and it allows me to give the dedicated fans a little more. There wont be any explanations so if you haven’t read the books they probably wont make a lot of sense.

Feel free to post feedback and let me know what you want to see.



I am happy to see that the new Ranger book is finding acceptance with my readers. I wasn’t sure how much crossover there was between Sci-fi and Fantasy, although I read both and much more. Book 2, Dragon’s Teeth releases soon, June 30, and has quite a few pre-orders already lined up.

Life is good!


Dabling with cover art

Some of you are aware that I am sitting on two titles in the Paranormal Romance genera. I am talking to an agent about getting a traditional deal with these but we all know that can be hit or miss. On the very possible chance they pass, I have been working with my cover artist on a cover for the first title, The Dowry. What do you think?


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