And now for something completely different……

For those of you that have been reading my books for a while now, you are familiar with both the Science Fiction and Fantasy series I have been expanding. Not long ago I got the inspiration for a different type of story, one I had no genera or category for, but one that came to me as a strong tale. Once complete, I passed it to my editor who was delighted to inform me that I had written a Paranormal Romance with a premise he had never seen before. Thus The Dowry was created.

For all of you that asked for more sex scenes, this is the book for you. Not intended for the Young Adult market, this tale is one of a young motherless woman, struggling in the 1850’s to make a place for herself on the St. John’s river, Florida. Every Chapter starts with Charlotte Foxworth’s life in the 19th century while the 2nd half of each chapter jumps to modern day Robert Garrison and his purchase and restoration of a haunted mansion on the river. How do these two charactors come together, living over 150 years apart in time? On April 2nd you can find out.

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  1. Thanks for releasing this, it’s a nice change of pace. Are you thinking about releasing an audiobook version?

    PS: Looking forward to the next ALICE!

    1. Thanks for your feedback and yes there will be an audiobook to follow. My company, Tantor, is usually 2 months behind me in releasing. ALICE 5 is sooooo close šŸ™‚

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